Sunday, February 12, 2012

Not too Good!

Do Larissa's hair...oh my! It is so bad that it must be accomplished today. I can't take her to church with her current hair mess.  Done.....this is the before

Attend a 31 party with the teens. I have never been to one but am going to enjoy some adult company.
Went and spent too much! Had a great time.

Not spend a lot of money at the 31 party. 
Read previous.......

Work on my Wiki for class and read for my other class.
Did work on my Wiki but didn't read anything.

movie with the hubby.
Nope, still in the works.
Paint a little on many choices.

 snacks for church and Bible study....our turn for both. Either convince mom to go to church or get a sitter.
Yes, food is a necessity.
Get kids working on their Valentines.

Only 2 loads.

Maybe work on those taxes.

Work on Tasha's care package

Seems like I didn't get too much accomplished this weekend.  I did get a work order submitted for our dishwasher that is not working right and our internet/TV because it keeps pausing.  I have blogs to write on several subjects but my blog doesn't want to cooperate so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Have a great evening!

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