Friday, February 3, 2012


-Got 4 kids to school and preschool on time, in matched clothing, hair brushed, socks matched, bellies full, shoes matched, prescriptions taken and the correct clothing for the weather.  No teeth got brushed.

-My mom stayed up just a little longer and ate just a little more today.

-I called the doctor to see why I haven't heard from the home health place.  They assumed I was going to put my mom in a nursing home so didn't put in the they have put in the referral and a prescription for a hospital bed.

-Figured out what my mom has for prescriptions so that tomorrow when I pick up her medication I won't go totally broke like her last medication did.

-Cleared my desk just enough to realize that the teen has a foster care review board meeting on Monday.  Put it on Outlook so I might not forget it.

-Lily came home with complaining that her ear hurt.  Since it is close to the weekend I decided to take her to the doctors....yep, ear infection.  Ran to the pharmacy to get her antibiotic filled.  Used every known trick to alleviate pain about an hour after bedtime because child was crying.

-Since the doctor visit coincided with Larissa's dance class I had to call on a friend to take her, then I paid a small fortune for recital outfits when I picked her up.

-I did several loads of laundry but didn't match any socks.

-Tried to help Anthony with his math but he is so hard to work with in that area.

-Successfully helped Larissa with her homework.

-Signed off on several behavior charts.

-Filled out field trip forms and if I can find $5 I will be ahead of the game.

-I finished my assignment that was due at 4:27 thanks to my brain coming back online at about noon.

-I didn't write the paper that is due tomorrow....actually I didn't even start on it.  It is due 1 minute before midnight, any guesses as to when it will get done?

-Sat at the dining room table for a long time cutting up my mom cheese for her crackers and watching her watching the teenagers do their animated talking and teasing.  She watched them as though they were aliens.

-Took my mom in and out of bed three times.  Called the doctor and let a message for her to call me back in regards to setting up therapy.  Thankful that I can lift my mom out of her wheelchair and bed, I carry Larissa on my hip all the time at 50 lbs, so what is another 100 lbs? 

-Decided that this mess need addressing..........(sometime soon)

-Skyped with Tasha and realizied that I need to get another box in the mail.  Another priority for me.

-Vacuumed my bedroom floor....long overdue.

-Ate Oreos and chocolate

-Played some Facebook games with friends and answered some emails.

-Updated my blog!

-Now I am heading to bed at 1:30am. 

What did you do today?

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