Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Sometimes genetics just suck. There, I said it.  My kids come with some genetics that are challenging.  They were so challenging to their parents that they weren't able to parent.  It is not unusual for a mental illness to be self-medicated with illegal drugs.  It is not unusual for those mental illnesses to be handed down.  The way to break the cycle is to address the issue and help the child to learn how to deal with it.

For years we have been told that Anthony is bipolar.  We were first told this when he was only 4 and again when he was 7.  It was hard for us to believe.  Hard to tell what the real issue is when you are dealing with severe neglect and attachment issues.  First we started with the one ADHD med, it helped him to control himself.  Then two meds and finally three meds.  For awhile they helped him to control himself.

However, they no longer do that.  I noticed that some of his work was coming home with some strange answers.  We also found lots of unfinished work in his backpack.  I called his teacher to see what was up.  We found out that he isn't doing all his classwork in the class, is flat out telling them that he won't do the work. She said that he can be sweet one minute and very angry the next.  His moods switch quickly.  It would have been nice if his teacher would have called me to tell me his but for some reason she didn't.  Actually she seemed shocked when I said that it was unacceptable and to send his unfinished work home and he will finish it.

I think that I have to accept that we are not just dealing with ADHD.  I think that it is time to consider his genetics.  We were told that his sister would have a more severe case of bipolar.  Oh geez, what if he was right?  Now I just need to find someone who can help.  We haven't been able to find anyone when we searched before.  Doctors are willing to consider ADHD at this age but bipolar is so much harder.

Today I made calls, I am working on that issue.  Say a prayer for us as we head down this road.


  1. I am there with you. Jasmine is at both ends of the emotional spectrum too but I'm thinking mood disorder? She is going to counseling but so seldom because they keep rescheduling that I don't think she's accomplishing anything. She's on the Daytrana patch and focalin for ADHD.

  2. ODD opposition defiance disorder. the child wants to do whatever it is. but the defiance takes over. Example- were all having cake would u like some? NO so you dont dish up any for him. everyone sits down ready to dig in, He suddenly has a meltdown. very similar to Bi Polar. SUCKS!!!

  3. We have some of the defiance when he is angry. Anthony has more problems with mood changes. He can be sweet and compliant one minute and then for some unknown reason change to angry and moody. It is during those moody times when he is defiant.

  4. My foster teen is bipolar. They told me they don't official diagnosis kids under 18 with bipolar but she is. Bio mom and her siblings all are. I have noticed the cycle of being pleasant then more moody, then blow up coming back around to happiness again. (over weeks or a month period). It is a constant roller coaster. Meds only work well for a little while. She is an angel when she is in a good mood. (FYI we are in the same state). Prayers for you


  5. Ah, nice to see someone from my state. Feel free to email me if you would like....pritzen1@yahoo.com