Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Notice this door to the downstairs shower........too narrow for a wheelchair.

We paid someone to come and widen it (I don't have time to do it) and now we need to figure out how to take the door off and put a curtain up.  Then I need to buy a long shower chair so she can slide across and into the shower.  In the meantime an aid comes twice a week to bathe my mom in bed.  Hair is not so simple.

I was given this sample to try out.  You microwave it, put it on a massage it.  No rinsing needed.

It made her hair look nice for a day.  I don't know how much those cost but using it daily could get expensive.

So, we are back to the Hefty trash bag in the kitchen hair wash.  It does a good job and mom only gets a little wet!

(Ignore the kitchen mess.  You get a peep at my new kitchen color!)

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