Monday, February 20, 2012

I'll Miss You Mommie

What is the reality of a child who has had 8 moms in the last two years? (and bounced around before that as parents go in and out of jail) What do they think a family is?  Do they understand permanence?

For Lily I believe that is is that illusive thing that she has been denied.  She is very jealous of those who have it.  She knows that she wants it.  She just doesn't believe that she will really ever get it.

For Dimples.....well, lets just say she doesn't have a clue.  She wants everyone to "love" her and asks every day if we do.  But, she doesn't really know what love is that she is wanting.

Conversation of the day:

Dimples to Larissa:  Did you grow in mommies belly. (Dimples knows that Larissa is adopted, I guess she doesn't know what adopted means)

Larissa: No, I am adopted.

Me:  Larissa was a foster child in our home before she got adopted.

Larissa:  What!?!  I was a foster kid!?  (uhhh, I never realized that she didn't know that, I thought it had been discussed, maybe she didn't understand it when it was discussed)

After discussing Larissa's lifestory......

Dimples:  I am going to miss you mommie.

Me:  Why are you going to miss me?  You aren't going anywhere.

Dimples:  When I go to my adoptive family.

Me:  We are your adoptive family, you are staying here.

Dimples:  But you are our foster family.

Me:  Yes and your adoptive family.

Dimples:  huh?  (Mass confusion)

Me:  Sigh

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  1. That is so sad. I'm so glad she is finally in a real home! I pray that her little story gets a happily-ever-after ending one day!