Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You Look Like you Belong Together

Today I took my teen to an appointment.  She is struggling in school and we are trying to figure out why since I believe that she has the ability to succeed.  We got there at 9 am and left at 1pm, long day.

The appointment went well and we did get some ideas as to what is going on.  At one point the doctor was talking about foster care and I mentioned that we were planning on adopting our teen.  This doctor is very familiar with us since he tested Anthony and Larissa.  He said that perhaps he should be testing me.  Ha, I already know I am crazy so no need.  Then he asked my teen what she thought about being adopted.  She told him that it would be fantastic.  He asked her three times and each time she told him yes, she wants us to adopt her.  He then said that things need to be moved quickly because of her age.  We know this.  He will put that into his report.

At the end my teen and I were teasing each other and the doctor said that we looked like we belonged together.  Funny what an impact those words can have.

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