Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yep, we're related

Today Sarah and I were discussing recipe options for our left over ham.  Sarah says she is going to make a dessert and asks my mom what she wants.  Mom replies, "cake.........with lots of frosting!"  Yep, we're related.

Sarah and I are shopping at Walmart.  She wanted to buy something and I point out the price.  She looks and says that she isn't paying that much for it!  Yep, we're related.

I tell the teens that I am going to Goodwill to look around.  They get excited and come along to shop at Goodwill. Yep, we're related.

Somehow the conversation turns to defense of our home and Jason starts talking about where the kids would be safest and where the rest of us who can handle a weapon should stake ourselves I think....yep, we're related.

Every time I tell Tasha that she needs to get something done that she has procrastinated on......I know exactly where she got it.  Yep, we're related.

When John drops a piece of chocolate and declares 5 second rule.....yep, we're related.

What about you?  Do your kids do something and you think....yep, we're related.


  1. Families are the best! I can't imagine life without the identity we get from them!!

  2. Ha! I thought of this post tonight when my son handed over the last corner of his toast telling me he was all done. I don't know why, but I can never bring myself to eat the last corner of the bread!