Thursday, February 23, 2012

I even exhausted myself today

I really should be in bed. I had one of those days where I could use another one of me.

Today I:

Got 4 kids up and off to school.

Greeted my moms aid at 8 am, after she left I fed my mom and got her some coffee.

I worked on a project that I had to turn in by

Called the girls SW to see what if anything new is up (no) while doing a load of laundry.

Visited with mom, cleaned dishes, got mom to bed and took off to pick up kids for an appointment in the big city.

After taking Sarah, Anthony and Larissa to their appointment we ate lunch at Moe's since it was along the long as you take the back route.

Came home and got my mom up and fed her lunch.

Worked on my project that was due in a few hours.

Let mom's OT in and talked with him a bit to see how OT is going.

Called my local SW to get a contact number for a higher up to see why nothing has been filed within the 90 day period.

Called the high school about teens computer.

Went out and watched Larissa help Lily learn how to ride a two wheeler.  Got to push Lily around until I thought I might have a heart attack.  (Yes, shorts weather today, 78 degrees here)

Went in and check papers in backpacks.  Realized that I have a concern about Anthony so I called and reached his teacher.  Not good, but another story.

Fed the kids/mom a quick meal.....Ramen with eggs and hot dog.  Yea, I know.....but they got fed and they love it.  We were supposed to have cabbage soup but for some reason I never got around to making it.

Got Larissa dressed and ready for dance. 

Submitted my project...on time.

But mom in bed to watch TV per her request.

Took a microwave we had just bought to the car to return it later.  John and I dropped Larissa off at dance and ran to Lowe's to return the microwave and check on our one cabinet piece we ordered for our kitchen change.  We didn't want particle board so we had to special order a corner piece.  It came in and was huge but the guys found a way to stuff it in my car. 

Picked up dry cleaning.

Ran home and emptied the car (because we have to buy something from Lowe') Cleared a spot for the cabinet in the garage.

Got the kids in the car to get to dance to pick Larissa up.

Went from dance to the school where they were having a fund raiser and book fair.

They were selling the kids art projects framed for $20.  We got to buy three (Lily had one too)

Went to the book fair where the kids drove me crazy.  They wanted the $20 sticker books and I insisted on chapter books.  Anthony snuck in a hard cover book for a small fortune! Found books requested by each of our kids teachers and each kid got one book.  Tomorrow they will take their teachers their books.

Came home and fed Larissa again since she was starving after 1 1/2 hours of dance. 

Got the kids to bed.

I knew we were on our last gallon of milk so went to Walmart and bought Oreos.

Came home to upset teen because she fell on the stairs and hurt her knee.  Looks bruised so I told her to ice it.  I may need to make a doctor appointment tomorrow but it doesn't look worthy of an emergency room visit.

Now I am doing nothing.  My brain is fried and doesn't even know that it should head to bed.

Any how was your day?


  1. You have a crazy life. I'm just trying to organize for a three-in-one trip. But whatever I forget just won't go! Unless it's a child who is supposed to go.

  2. everytime I think I have overscheduled..I read your Blod. LOL mines nothin. Keep on youre doin fine!!!