Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trunk or Treat

There is a lot of confusion in our town, when to celebrate Halloween. We decided to go to our church and do their Trunk or Treat activities.
It was nice, lots of food and activities. They had trick or treating in the parking lot out of folks trunks. We headed out to the parking lot to trick or treat early before it got too cold.
When we started it was quiet and calm and Kiwi did really well. She was even saying her version of trick or treat and thank you. However, as we moved along and more people came out and they started up their music she could not deal with it. She started going up to everyone crying and wanting picked up. Sarah had to take her to the car so the older kids could finish.
The older kids got a good haul so they were happy.
Sarah won some Halloween donuts on the cake walk which actually look pretty good.

We got home in time to greet trick or treaters. I gave away a lot of candy (they drive into our subdivision for candy). I wonder if we will get kids tomorrow, I don't think I have much candy left.

Tomorrow we will try church again. I am going to a smaller one that should have less kids in the nursery. Maybe that will help with Kiwi's issue. I am not sure what to do about her inability to deal with noise, it can make some activities difficult. Do I just keep exposing her? Do I carry her the entire time? I can't go to church and carry her the entire time in the nursery. They don't have a guide for you to deal with these types of situations. Sometimes I wish that they did.

I need to get back into the studying habit, so I am off to read. Have a great evening.


  1. I love larissa costume! So cute!! She makes the perfect Minnie!

    My little one screams the whole time she is in the church nursery. I am really at a loss at this point. She doesn't normally cry when with strangers but she is having no part of me leaving her there. Its stressful. I could use a guide myself:)

  2. What about getting an ergo to carry her in. Older kids love toting in one and the littles feel safe and secure. It is much easier on your back than carrying. You can carry them facing you or on your back. Expose her to noise while safe against you might help her cope. It also is that bonding she needs. She also can't seek others to pick her up. You are her security that way.