Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Slow Progress

I am making slow progress in the kids play area. I guess having little ones around and not being able to work on it during the day plus having classes and studying, ohhh....and add a husband living out of town will do that to you.
A little addition to the play scape. Can you guess what it is for?

Hint: another one a little taller.

That is as far as I got on it. I will post pictures when I finish it....uh, it SHOULD be soon.

On the fostering front I was told today that they have stopped doing ABC vouchers for students, however we are going to try for it because I will have an obligation to be in school during the day. So, we are starting the paperwork on that.

The kids have court next week.....maybe. Apparently they are the B group. Which means they are the alternatives, they will only be seen if the A group is finished. Great. If they don't get seen then the next open court date is in December. They have one court date in December.........I am considering what the kids need for Christmas. Kiwi needs a ride on toy, not sure what else at this time.

This is actually a complicated case. Very unusual and I can't tell about it! I really don't know what to expect. All I know is the kids are getting attached. The baby spent most of the day on my hip (when they didn't have visitation) and has been very needy. She does not like for me to leave the room at all. Kiwi doesn't mind if I leave the room....she just follows me.....everywhere. Since they had visitation today they had early naps and the baby didn't get a second one so they are back on their sleep schedule.

I just realized that there is a good chance that Kiwi will be here for her 2nd birthday....hmmmm, what to get her?

I know that the kids are in care for a reason but I always feel bad for the parents who are missing all the developmental stages. I know that they could do what they need to do and get them back, but I still feel slightly guilty for getting to experience all those firsts. Is that odd or what?

Well, I am going to go to bed and read a gossip rag. I am taking the night off....I need to look for some chocolate.



  1. I'm sure you are taking lots of photos that will go with them if they go home. Makes up for all the firsts you missed with your adopted ones : )

  2. I am supposed to be working on a writing project but I've gone back to the beginning of your blog to catch the first half of your journey : )

  3. Oh, so you are making slow progress too? I write too much, I bet that was a lot of reading.

    I noticed a long time ago that we had a lot in common. Military, foster care, adoption issues, lessons learned and such.

  4. fighting with tricare to get surgeries approved.... she has medicaid but they have to bill tricare first

  5. Don't get me started on tricare.....we just got Anthony new meds approved today, it took over a week. I ran out of the trial stuff from the doctors office so he was on meds, then off and soon will be on them again.