Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Foster Parent Banquet

We had our Foster Parent Banquet tonight.
Free food, free childcare....I was there.
It was a really nice evening. The food was great and prepared by the social workers. A local girl scout troop provided childcare. They looked a little exhausted when we were leaving.
They had a guest speaker....Sarah Wilson. She makes these story quilts which are beautiful.

She is also a writer. Much to my Sarah's surprise she wrote the Rugrats. Sarah went up and talked to her after the banquet and she told her that Tommy is based on her son and Angelica is based on one of her daughters. She sure had some tales to tell about her kids. If Angelica is any indication I can only imagine.

Funny, Sarah wore her Rugrats shirt to the dinner. We had no clue who the speaker was going to be. Naturally, my camera died and I couldn't get a picture of them together but a SW did. Hopefully I will receive it someday in an email.

I also found out that my kids court case has been cancelled for this month and they are now going to court on December 10th. No surprise. This means we have them for Kiwi's birthday. Hmmmm....I need to decide what to get for her. It is hard, we have too many toys.

Well, it is getting late and I need to go sort clothing...yuck. No sorting, no bed.

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