Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Welcome to my house!
My husband calls me Suzie Homemaker and we both know that it is just not true. I would not win any awards for my housekeeping abilities.
I have numerous shortcomings. One of them is season decorating.
Notice the front door....no wreath.

You walk in the front door and hit my Craigslist purchase....no fall or Halloween decorations.

Fireplace mantel.....nope.

We do have one lone pumpkin sitting on the front porch courtesy of Sarah. I have another pumpkin sitting in the garage for the kids to do.....sometime before Halloween. No candy is purchased but some outfits have been......all used.

When you walk in my front door you will see this huge plastic bin thingy. It is full of shoes.

My laundry room is way too small and overflows into the hallway....all the time. As a matter of fact I want to move it to the garage. We have a 3800 sq ft home and a closet size laundry room. It had to be designed by a man.

We have one tiny linen closet that does not come close to being big enough. Anyone have mink blankets from Korea....we have 5. None of them fit in there. I have stacks of blankets, towels and sheets everywhere.

Look at that entryway closet....it is laughable. Obviously all our coats don't fit in there. If I ever get my wish and get the laundry room moved to the garage then I will make the old laundry room a coat/linen/shoe closet. It is big enough for that (I think).

Then my biggest problem....laundry

All of this needs sorting. Do you think I will get to bed tonight? It is all clean and no it is not all the laundry. I have both the washer and dryer filled right now and more waiting. Don't get me started on my unmatched sock pile....it grows to enormous heights until I eventually throw it all away and start over.
Now these are all my shortcoming by far, just the ones nagging at me right now.
But, hey, I do have a hand towel hanging in my half bath downstairs just in case the social worker comes by.


  1. Oh, sweety, Thank you for making me feel normal as my house looks much like yours!!!! Except all my dirty7 laundry is in the hall as the washer and dryer are in the upstairs hallway. Yuck! I just keep hand sanitizer around for guests . I don't think I could find a hand towel, cloth diaper, but not a hand towel.... and my little(20) sister moved in with her 3 day old. Making a grand total of 7 under 10 ( 4 under 2)...So if a messy house is your shortcoming, I say GOD Bless....Didn't you read when you become a foster parent to 2 babies and go back to school you are exempt from house keeping!!!:)

  2. I LOVE KOREAN MINKY BLANKETS - but yeah total pain to store...we live in hawaii so they get limited use ;)

  3. I am in the same boat. I have never been a very good house keeper even before kids and now with 2 I clean only when I have too (aka when a case worker/visitor comes over) and thats about it :) I am not a fan of sorting lawndry at all. I don't mind washing it but puting it away, not my thing.

  4. Suzie Homaker is that mythical wife who keeps the house sparkling clean and every room tidy.

    I suspect that Suzie never had children.

  5. We lived in Honolulu for two years. Really beautiful but I couldn't imagine too much minky blanket use.

    I am glad to see that others share my distaste for housekeeping and laundry sorting. I see so many blogs of perfect homes and feel very lacking sometimes.

    However, I am going to try and get a Christmas wreath. I used to have one and the movers destroyed it.