Saturday, October 23, 2010

I love a Garage Sale

Many Saturday mornings I rise early and hit the garage sales. I go alone. Need I say is MY time to be kids. I really love my husband for doing early morning diaper duties so I can go.
Our foster babies go to court (maybe) next week so they may go home and they may not. If they don't then the baby will dress as a Bumble Bee for Halloween. I love this bright outfit. I loved the price...$1. Can't go wrong with that.
That garage sale was the type I enjoy. Mommies talking about how much stuff the kids end up with and how quickly they outgrow it all.

However, today seemed to be a sad day for garage sales.

I hit one sale where everything had to go by Tuesday at 5pm. They were selling off all of their grandmothers stuff. Literally everything. Her clothing was still hanging in the closets and all her letters were there.

Note to my kids, when I pass away (if dad is no longer living); divide what you want to keep, give all my clothing and shoes to a charity, throw out my personal letters because I don't want folks going through them, sell anything left of value at auction or even at a garage sale in the garage. Don't open my house up and allow everyone to come in and go through every room and closet. Also, please give my plants to someone who has a green thumb.

I did buy a few items. I loved this old tool box....another $1. I went home with a lot of plants. Some were in pretty bad shape but I have hopes that they can be revived. These two were in pretty good shape....

I even bought a piece of wood, I have specific plans for it. That stool is very sturdy. I even got a Christmas duck family, I figured the kids would like it.

I also saw an elderly couple selling out of the back of their car on the side of the road. Made me want to stop and just give them some money. I bought clothing I wouldn't normally buy from a single mom struggling to make it.
It just seems like lately I see more and more folks having garage sales to make ends meet. When I drive around I see many more houses for sale (a lot of them by owner). A lot more struggling.
Dang, I am not sure how I went from going to garage sales to how so many are struggling right now....I seem to wander a lot.
I hope that in the spring I will see a change in the trend. Hopefully our economy will start to grow again.
In the mean time, I feel extremely blessed.


  1. That's sad about selling off all the grandmother's stuff. I'd just had a baby the week my grandma went but everything was taken by relatives or given to charity. Nothing was sold.

  2. My wife reminds me of my mother. My mom had a reputation of making a U-turn on a busy street to visit a garage sale. My wife comes pretty close.

  3. Uh...I can't make a U-turn in that monster I drive!