Sunday, October 24, 2010

Helping Hands

I went to Walmart on Friday to buy the playhouse paint. I was surprised to find that they had some paint on clearance, regularly $19.77 for $10. Score, I got all my paint I need (hopefully!).
As I was painting the playhouse this afternoon and noticed Larissa standing in the doorway watching. It hit me that the kids needed to be involved so I invited her in and handed her the paint brush. After a little instruction I let her loose.
Serious work, quite often she stuck her tongue out.
Anthony made his way outside and I got him started on the orange. When Larissa saw the orange color she said it was beeaauuutiful.

At the first opportunity she got her hands on that orange paint brush.
The playhouse resident didn't appreciate the painting and headed outside.

What do you think? It is coming along and is quite colorful. I am going to have to design a door and window at some point.

I spent too much time on it this weekend and now have to go and study for two different classes and take an online quiz plus work on a project that is due tomorrow.


  1. Reminds me of the hen house on the Hannah Montana movie.