Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Silverware anyone?

So, who has their fancy silverware sitting around in its fancy box?
I did.
Until one day I wondered where all my forks had gone to and decided to use the silverware. It had been sitting in a nice wooden box for decades. It was a beautiful gift from my grandmother. An 8 piece setting for 12. When I received the gift I didn't even have a dining room table to sit at.
Well, I decided to use it everyday. What good is something if it is not used. I wonder how many other things I don't use because they might get broken or it is not the right occasion. I am throwing caution to the wind and looking for anything else that is not being used and start using it.
Larissa is thrilled with the cocktail forks, she says that they are carrot skewers.
Works for me.

That is some delicious home made cabbage soup by the way.

What do you have sitting around wrapped in plastic and protected from damage that you could be using today?

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  1. I have three olds sets of silverware thrown together and still only have 6 forks! Where do they all go? I wanted my grandma's good silverware but was giving birth the week she died and my cousin got all her kitchen stuff.