Sunday, October 10, 2010

Good Day

We had a busy day.
We went to church this morning. We are struggling with churches. We can't seem to find one that we fit into. I think that it is because the churches are so segregated here, only problem is our family is not segregated.
We miss our church in San Antonio. Sarah has really struggled with the youth groups. She really misses her old youth group leader.
Later I took the kids to go see a movie. The only movie that they had showing for the kids was in 3D. I really don't like to do 3D because it cost more. I think that movies cost too much to begin with, then add the extra cost for 3D and it is way too much.
They want you to turn your glasses to recycle at the end of the movie. I let the kids keep theirs, I did pay for them! I guess that means I am not green.

I got on the roof and finished the ridge today. It sure got hot up there. My knees are bruised and my left behind hurts. The price I pay for doing it myself.

The next job will be finishing the interior.

This rotted piece of wood had to go.

Having the right tools makes some jobs so much easier.

This doorway will become a window. I need to build some type of awning for over the window.

This piece of shop equipment is one of my favorites. I got the stand for my birthday two years ago. I have been frustrated because the movers lost a part that hold up the wood, grrrr. My next big purchase of shop equipment will be a compound miter saw. It won't be any time soon, but I can put it on my wish list.

Well, I have an online quiz due by tomorrow at 5 pm and haven't even started the reading so I guess I'd better get back into the studying phase.
Have a blessed evening.

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