Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blue, Green and Orange

Well, we have picked our colors....kind of.
Today we framed out the roof over the porch and started nailing down the plywood. We have all the 4 by 8 sheets down and have cut most of the other pieces which we will nail down tomorrow. I actually got up on the roof to nail the plywood down.
Next weekend we will do the shingling. Although.....Monday night be a good day for that too.
I am trying to decide what to put on the plywood floors on the inside. The plywood is in sad shape.

It is not perfect by any means. We have never done any type of roofing before. I do know that the porch roof is solid, I could do pull ups on it and sit on it. At least it didn't collapse on me when I sat on it to nail down the wood.
As my construction day is coming to an end, I am brushing off the sawdust and heading out to the UCS library. I hope to get all my research done tonight so I can put it together during the week.

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