Monday, October 4, 2010

My Yard

I can't believe that this plant survived summer. It sat in the sun with very little water (I know I am bad) and even had a sunburn in the beginning of summer. But, it did survive and is being kind and giving me some pretty flowers. I can't remember what they are or even if they should be brought in when it freezes. (I have two and they both survived!)

I really like the purple flowers on the Mexican Petunia.
Uh, I didn't even realize that my yew got berries. Shows how observant I am, I planted it about 5 years ago.

We cleaned up the corner that will be a play space off of the playhouse. Not sure what all will go back there. Right now the boat/sandbox is sitting there.

The roof is on the playhouse and we bought the shingles. The original door will become a window after I decide what I am putting down on the floor. Right now we are enjoying the huge access. We cut out the window side to make a door on the porch side.

I have started my powerpoint slides for Thursday and will concentrate on finishing that this week. I really haven't gotten far.....too tired and sore last night.
Nice cool day awaits me, I am enjoying this fall weather. Hope everyone else has a great day.


  1. Aww it's coming along nicely. Bet the kids cannot wait to play there!

  2. The kids are nagging me! Guess that is good, it motivates me to finish.