Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Yesterday my teen received all of her worldly possessions.  It took two social workers to go to her home and try and retrieve them.  When I called yesterday the SW was planning on waiting a little to let things settle down.  However since the GAL said that she believed that the guardian would throw her stuff away I pushed for them to go sooner.  The school books were the deciding factor.

They got what they could and dropped the trash bags in my garage.  When I saw what they were able to get I decided to skip class for the night and be available when she went through them.

She got her school books, a small pile of clothing, bag of shoes and other random items.  She only has one pair of socks so I need to buy those.  She got none of her unders and according to her not much of her clothing.  Those items can be replaced.

However, what she lost was a lot.  She lost the letter her mom had written her, she lost some stuffed animals from her mom.  She lost the pictures.  She lost all of the items that had sentimental value to her.  She lost the things that can't be replaced. 

Yes, she cried.  I cried with her.


  1. I hate that things like this happen way more often than not. My teen mom was one of the "lucky" ones. She chose to come into care and was able to pack herself and bring what she wanted. She didn't have much as she was homeless when she came into care, but she WAS able to hang on to her small box of sentimental items. It breaks my heart that these kids lose so much. :(

  2. That breaks my heart. :(

  3. So sad. Was it thrown out or just hidden?

  4. We don't know yet. The SW said that the dresser area where the tiems were was cleared completely. He was not cooperative and knew what he was doing when he took those items.


  5. What a shame. :( I'm so so sad and sorry for her. :(.

  6. I'm crying with her also :( It should not be like this. I'm sure you know so much more about the way things shouldn't be. Prayers for you as you decide what to do. Prayers for her....for everything. Jennifer