Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just One Outfit

My kids have a lot of clothing so I decided that they would get one back to school outfit for the first day of school.  We decided to go to Target since I also needed to get thermos' for their lunch boxes.  Strange, when my older kids got lunch boxes they came with the thermos.  I couldn't find any at KMart or Walmart so I had to head to the big city near by.

Larissa picked an outfit from the Shake it Up collection and some Hello Kitty shoes.  She loves those shoes!

Anthony picked an outfit from the Shawn White collection.  He also got a pair of slip on shoes.

Spiffy collections at Target.

We also had to get Larissa new dance shoes since she has outgrown her shoes from last year and added jazz.  Tonight she put on her jazz shoes and asked me how to dance jazz.....uh, I have no clue so I guess she will have to wait for class.  She is so excited for school and dance to start.  Anthony is excited because he will get to walk Larissa to her classroom and visit his old teacher every day.

My kids will need long pants.  However, I don't want to buy those too early since you never know when one of my kids will have a growth spurt.  Geez, flip flop season is coming to an end.....guess I need to match those socks.

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