Friday, August 12, 2011

Growing Up

Larissa got her cheese dip at Moe's today.  She is so spoiled!

We were out shopping today and ran into a store that pierces ears.  Larissa has been asking to have her ears pierced but John has been against it.  I thought that she was ready to have to do it so I told her that she had to call her dad and ask him.  She talked to him on the phone and she still wanted it done after he told her it would hurt.  He finally gave his blessing so we went in the store.

When we went in the manager welcomed us in and asked what we were looking for.  I told her that Larissa was her customer.  She asked Larissa what she wanted and she told her that she wanted her ears pierced!  I was so shocked that Larissa talked to her.

Larissa picked out her earrings and had a seat.

She really wanted her ears pierced.

But it really was best to sit in moms lap and have it done!

She did really well.  She didn't cry.  Of course, she loved her reflection in the mirror!

My baby is growing up.

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  1. I asked Kayla if she wanted it done and told her it would feel like a shot but then be over. She decided not to do it. I thought she would.

    L. looks so sweet. And amazing that she spoke up.