Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Visit

Anthony and Larissa visited with their older brother today.  I think more importantly their older brother got to watch them play with great enthusiasm. He was able to see that they are happy and doing great.

He hasn't seen them in three years.

In adoption there are many loses.  We feel that their brother has lost a lot and he shouldn't lose his siblings as well.

It will not be the last visit.


  1. That contact is probably good for all. Jasmine has three older half sibs but one doesn't know she exists and the other two only saw her one time when she was a baby. Last Nov I initiated contact with the mom through myspace. We only write about every three mos and there is no info about me. ONly some photos for the mom.

  2. Oh my word a few post into your blog and already in tears. Between having several friends who do foster care and now having our 2 new boys I am understanding every detail. We cut our boys hair recently and while we had not heard from mom in a month we got a text asking how short we cut it