Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Belize was another stop where we didn't have an excursion planned.  The large ships are not able to dock because of reefs so we took tenders (boats) into the dock.  At the dock there were lots of opportunities to hire taxis and such.  We decided to do a tour of Belize.  Larissa wanted to stay at Camp Carnival but Anthony had to come because of his behaviors the day before.

We visited a 5 Barrel Rum factory.  We purchased some Blackberry Wine there.  Guess we aren't rum folks...they gave us samples of rum and wine.

I realized that I didn't know much about Belize.  I had assumed that it would be a Hispanic country but I was wrong.  Their language is English. 

They have squatters rights in some areas.  They have to build a home to claim the space. The area where the squatters built homes do not have water and electricity so this well is the main source of water for the area.

This home collects rain water.  You can see the barrel on the front of the house.

We visited St. John's Cathedral.  It was built in 1812.

We did some shopping at a market and took pictures with some interesting people.

Then we took the tender back to the ship.

There was another Carnival ship outside of the reefs.

We were welcomed to our room by our daily towel art creations.

Larissa had fun at Camp Carnival and made a build a bear and Teddy.

She was ready for some fun so we took her to the slide.

It was a great day.


  1. Everyone had things to do eveery day. I expected Luby's Cafeteria quality food, but was quite suprised by high quality delights with a European flair.