Saturday, August 6, 2011


It took me a week to cover vacation. Yep, I am slacking. It is not that nothing is going on, quite the opposite. In less then two weeks the kids start school. In less then two weeks I go back to school....ack. I don't feel ready.

I have most of the kids registered. I had to go pull Joselin out of school and need to fax some papers to the virtual school. Time will tell if she is committed to the program. Sarah has done well with the virtual school. I do not oversee her at all. If she needs help I will help her. So, how well Joselin does will be determined by how much effort she is willing to put into it.

I found out that Larissa has Anthony's old kindergarten teacher. Uhhh, Anthony was not a model student in kindergarten. He was particularly challenging every other week when he had visitation. The teacher called me and we talked a little this morning about Larissa and her inability to talk. I am hoping for great things for her this year.

I am a little apprehensive about Anthony going back to school. I am not looking forward to the calls. I can tell by our cruise that he still has not learned that he is not in charge. Getting calls because he refuses to go with the program is not fun. Actually, it is very frustrating.

I will be honest and tell you that I was not happy at all that Anthony decided to be defiant on the cruise. The ladies at Camp Carnival told us a little but since we have been back Larissa has been telling us more. Apparently they were quite lenient on the cruise and he got away with a lot of stuff. Ugh. It bothers me that he has great opportunities for travel and he can't manage to be respectful to others. If I had a grandparent to send him to, he wouldn't go on our next vacation.

I can tell that he got away with a lot because he is seriously testing me. Math is a big problem for him so I have a 1st grade math book that we have been working on this summer (he is going into the 2nd grade). I have been giving him three pages to do. Very basic problems. Since coming home from vacation he has been taking hours to do it. The first day he didn't finish them at all. He got up the next morning and went to play and I reminded him that he had his papers from the day before and I gave him three more pages. He finished them at bed time. The next day we were heading to the dentist where there is a play space. He finished his papers on the way there. It is all about control. If anyone allows him control in one area it effects his need for control in other areas.

Oh....and the pee. Every day on the cruise and since coming home he has peed his bed. His bedroom stinks. Today he lost his pillow. When I bought this last pillow I had a plastic cover on it. He didn't like it. I told him to keep it on because I am not replacing his pillow again. I told him that if he took the cover off and peed on it then it was going in the trash and will not be replaced. The pillow went in the trash today. I am so mean....I am not replacing it.

So, welcome home. Ugh....I need a vacation!

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