Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rafting the Nantahala

Tasha deploys soon.  She told me right before our cruise that she wanted to go white water rafting before she left.  So very quickly I put together a weekend trip.

I little history.......

First trip to go whitewater rafting. Look very close at Joselin. Yea, she panicked just a little.

Next year she panicked again.  Only this time she didn't drop her paddle, she hit me on the head with it!

This year I had to stay back with Anthony and Larissa so Joselin stayed with us.  Everyone else in our group had a good time and everyone survived without any scars.  We think that the little ones will be heavy enough to go next year so Joselin just might go then.......I will wear a helmet.

Our crew of "kids".....that water is very cold.

Naturally we made s'mores.

Tasha says that she made a perfect one.

Larissa had her first one.

We stayed up late talking around the campfire.  We had a great time without the interuptions of internet and TV.  We also didn't have any light!  We stayed in cabins but didn't pack any laterns for outside so we made do with the campfire and two small flashlights we purchased.
We had two cabins near Deep Creek near Bryson City.  We would stay there again. 

Next tubing.......

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  1. I would love to go tubing. Not so sure about the white water rafting!