Saturday, August 27, 2011

What a day.  First my oven decides that it is not going to heat properly and then my A/C unit decided to stop working.  It quicky got hot in my house.  Yes, the GAL got to come to my house and sit in the heat.

The visit with the GAL went well.  They went up to her room and talked for a while and then came down and talked with us.  I like her GAL, she reminds me of my favorite grandma.  She seems on the ball and I feel that she will represent my teens best interests. 

Not all GAL's are created equal.  We had one set of foster kids who actually had an attorney for their GAL. You would think that an attorney would be a great thing but it wasn't.  He never really did anything for the kids and he only visited once in almost 2 years.  Finally he got tired of having to go to the court hearings and he quit.  The kids finally got a new GAL and things went better for them......eventually they got TPR and adopted by us.

I decided that we should get out of the hot house so the girls and I went shopping.  I gave teen her $100 and allowed her to shop.  She makes very careful choices and bought appropriate clothing.  She has some money left so tomorrow we will go to Kohl's after church.  She has never been to Kohl's before.

Having three teenage girls in the house is going well so far.  We haven't had any drama among them and the new teen is getting along well with both girls.  I know that this could be a honeymoon period so I am enjoying it.  Who knows, it could last!

We did get our A/C fixed this evening.  Another foster parent has an A/C business on the side and he came out and fixed it.  I am so spoiled, I don't like to sweat in my house.  Hurricane Irene didn't bring us any cooler temperatures or rain.  All we got was some wind and an overcast day yesterday.

Church tomorrow followed by San Jose (which my teen has never eaten at) and shopping.  It will be a great day.  I hope that everyone else enjoys their weekend.

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