Thursday, September 1, 2011

In Other News.....

Sarah finally decided that she wants to drive.

Two boys we knew were involved in fatal car accidents two years ago and Sarah wasn't too keen on learning how to driving.  She turns 18 in November and she determined that she was ready.

She passed her test and grinned for her learners permit.  Watch out, a new driver will be on the roads in South Carolina. (Anyone want to come over and show her how to drive?)

In adoption news, I received an email from our adoption worker today.  After spending months sitting on her supervisors desk, our homestudy got signed off on Monday.  I won't even tell you how many kids we are approved to adopt, it may make you faint!

We are in full swing with our schedule.  Larissa in dance and gymnastics.  Anthony in Boy Scouts and gymnastics.  The only time I really need a twin is on Thursday when I really need to be in two places at once.

John is still working in Augusta.  I worry about his long drive and really wish that he could find a job closer to home.  At some point he may do something drastic and quit.  That would make our budget really interesting.  I am going to school but feel like I can't finish quickly enough.  Some days I just want to quit school and find a job so he can just come home and not travel.  It gets so frustrating.  I know that we should just be glad that he has a job, but his safety is more important.  I fear that he will fall asleep on the drive.

Sarah is doing well with her online school.  Joselin is struggling but still trying.  Today we had an IEP meeting for Joselin.  The email I received said that we would meet today.  Silly me assumed we would meet in person so we drove in to the big city only to find out that we were supposed to meet online.  Like I said, silly me.  So we are rescheduling that meeting.

Anthony and Larissa are doing well.  So far no calls from the school regarding Anthony.  This is the longest period of time he has not gotten in trouble.  Of course, I am probably jinxing myself here and will receive a call tomorrow.

Jason is in college and honestly I have no idea how he is doing.  Tasha is in training in Texas.  She will get back and then have a short period of time before she has to leave for her deployment.  It will be a long year!

The new teen is doing well.  Tomorrow John and I are going up to the school to see where she stands in her classes.  We want to ensure that she is on target and if not how we can get her there. 

We are encountering some issues that we hadn't thought about which I will discuss in more detail tomorrow.

That is us in a nutshell.  Maintaining life and trudging along.


  1. In some ways we have so much in common, other than Tyler is 21 and does not drive. It just makes him too nervous. Adam is supposed to be scheduling his test. I thought he'd jump at the chance, but he really hasn't. Lots of calls about Kayla already. Jasmine is already so stressed her stomach is a constant mess. Can I borrow your homestudy? They just will not do ours without that one paper. It's a deadend and it's senseless. Dance and tumbling and maybe beginners band next week!

  2. Good for Sarah and congratulations on getting your Home Study approved!

  3. Stare if you must, oh my word that is the best thing ever. We were blessed with a 1 and 3 year old 2 months ago. We took them for haircuts (they are my husbands great nephews) and one of the staff looked at my husband and said "those girls look just like you but the boys look nothing like you". I almost died. I keep a 2 year old 50 hours a week. So if i dare go to the store I think we are a circus act (and that is when everyone is being well behaved). I have a 1,2,3,5,8,11 and 14 year old with me. Cracks me up how people look or the comments they make. But you know what? I would not change it for a moment, I would not have any of them. They are all blessings and worth every stare and strange comment. Not that there are not wonderful thoughts because there are always good comments and that is what you dwell on. I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you