Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Learning Patience

In some ways I can be a very patient person. When dealing with my kids I have been accused of being too patient sometimes. In dealing with other aspects of life I am not so patient. I want things done now.

Well, this summer has been a time of learning patience.

I did not go to summer school because of Larissa's long tantrums. I was able to get a psych eval quickly and then things came to a halt. We thought that our military insurance had transferred back to our doctor for everyone. However, we learned that medicaid did but not our military insurance. Our doctor could not get us referrals to specialists that Tricare would cover. Numerous times we tried to get transferred to her only to be moved to the military installation in the big city. We don't go there because, well we have a family doctor who has seen the kids most of their lives and also at the military installation you see a different doctor every time you go in. Shortly before our cruise I talked to our family doctor about how Tricare keeps kicking us to the military installation and she was not too happy. She says we are her patients and she would see what she could do. While on our cruise we received several calls from our doctors office with appoints for Larissa to specialists....she got us transferred to her office.

So, all the specialists I wanted to see over the summer will instead be seen during school. Not what I wanted but with patience on my part (not intentional) we are moving forward. Yesterday we saw a psychologist. He believes that Larissa's tantrums come out of her anxiety. They are a result of a separation anxiety type thing. I can actually buy that. So with that in mind and the fact that selective mutism is often treated with anxiety medications she has been started on an anxiety medication. Anyone heard of Celexa? I am not too keen on starting a 5 year old on anxiety meds but I do know that her anxiety is a huge issue for her.

Soon I will be taking her to a pediatric neurologist in Augusta. Yea, driving two hours to see a specialist. Her appointment is on September 1st but it is at 2pm. Anthony has to be picked up at 2:30ish so that time will not work. I need to call and get an appointment time earlier in the day.

Now that one issue has been resolved I hope that the other one is too.....adoption. We are in a serious holding pattern with that issue. Truly, I am trying to be patient.


  1. I hope you get the best answers for L. And the best meds. We have a state adoption issue ourselves right now! ARGGGGGGGGGGG

  2. I have a feeling that you have another adoption in your future! I hope you can get your paperwork sorted out. It is frustrating relying on others to do their jobs. Hopefully we will get a kid or kids while I am still young enough to parent them!

  3. For some reason I can only post ot my blog using anonymous! Annoying


  4. When not pregnant, I take a low dose of Celexa for anxiety. It works very well and I never had any negative side effects from it. Hope it helps your daughter too!

  5. insurance is a circle that drives me bananas - I hope things get sorted out so you can get Larissa what she needs to feel calm and safe.

  6. Ah the specialists needed to care for ourspecial kids. Pediatric neurologist. Pediatric Gastroenterologist. Pediatric endocrinologist. Seeing them is never easy...