Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Anthony and Larissa started school today.  I am enjoying the new drop off and pick up routine.  Last year it was take babies to daycare, high schooler to high school, Anthony to one elementary school and Larissa to another elementary school not close to home.  This year I take two kids to the elementary school and I am done!  Maybe my car will survive this year.....seriously.  It is almost 10 years old and has been driven a lot of miles.

Anthony and Larissa both enjoyed their first day.  Anthony walked Larissa to her class but she says that tomorrow she wants to go on her own.  Larissa really likes her teacher.  I am so happy.  Last year she did not show this much excitement about her school.  We almost pulled her out because she seemed so unhappy.

She says that her teacher is funny and nice.  A big shocker to me is she told her teacher that she had to go to the bathroom today!  This is so big for her.  Last year she wet herself because she couldn't tell the teacher that she had to go.  I don't know if it is the anxiety medication, teacher, growth, more time away from visitations or something else.  Whatever it is we have been seeing slow and steady improvements in her abilities to speak to others.

Tomorrow I start school.  I am taking one online class and two regular brick and mortar classes.  I will be curious to see how much time I will have to spend in classroom during the day and how many projects I will need to do.  My online class syllabus says that it will take 15 hours a week to complete all assignments.  Looks like my free days are at an end.

On Monday everyone else will start classes.  Sarah is taking the last three classes she needs to graduate.  Joselin is signed up for 6 classes.  They are all year long courses.  If Joselin is able to pass all of the classes then we will pay for her to take English and math next summer.  That will give her all of the credits that she needs to graduate.  However, she will also have to pass the HSAP to get her degree.  Time will tell  if she is willing to put the work into finishing her classes.  At this time she seems serious.

My older son Jason also starts school on Monday.  He has moved back home and has been fingerprinted and SLED checked.  He is starting college on Monday and is signed up for four classes.  He has been struggling to find his way and I pray that he will be successful.

It feels like a fresh start for so many of my kids this year.  So much promise for the coming year if everyone can motivate themselves to do what they need to do.  Who knows, maybe some great things are in the works. 


  1. I am concerned for Joselin because of the discipline involved with internet schooling. As for Jason, I told him last night that I look forward to the day that I no longer support him. He has been the proverbial yo-yo.

  2. adult children have their own issues don't they? i have three adult children now and all three are very different.