Friday, August 26, 2011


I finally got in touch with someone who could give me answers to my questions.

Sleepovers - not allowed
Job - she can get one, naturally we would have to transport
Driving - maybe in the future if she stays long enough but we would have to pay for her insurance
Football games/school dances and such - allowed but she must come home at night
Hair dye and cuts - not allowed at this time unless her guardian allows it (no)  (this one is hard for me
      because we have always allowed our teens to express themselves in their hair, it is temporary.

She has also been retained in care.  Now they will look for family members and if any are found and willing to take her then they will have to have a homestudy done.

We also received a call from her GAL (guardian ad litem) today.  The GAL represents the foster child's interest in court.  She will be visiting tomorrow afternoon.  Yep, that means that tomorrow morning we will be picking up the clutter in the house.  We will also start having social worker visits again.  We haven't had any since the last foster kids went home.

Next week we should receive a check from DSS to purchase necessary items.  In our county we receive $100.  With this money you are expected to buy everything they need.  Typically with babies we only get the clothing on their backs.  Our teen she brought a pile of clothing wrapped in a sheet.  No unders and one pair of shoes.  Her social worker is trying to get more of her stuff so I am not sure what else she needs.  I guess we will see if her stuff shows up next week.  If not, I need to get her more shoes at the very least. 

My classes started last week, for some reason I already feel behind!  Next week we need to get into some type of routine so that I can reclaim some of my sanity. 

Life.....such an exciting adventure.

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