Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cayman Islands

 We all signed up for the snorkeling excursion.  They squeezed us all in a bus.

 We had a good view of the ship.  We had to take tenders in since the ship couldn't dock due to the reefs.

We were taken out by boat to the reef.  On one side of the reef it is shallow and on the other side the water is very deep.  We were told to stay on the shallow side.

I toted Anthony and Larissa around and showed them how to snorkel.

Jason took the kids for a bit and let me snorkel.

They brought up a stingray so everyone could touch him/her.

Tasha sums up this excursion.

Cayman Islands had some beautiful homes and areas. It was pretty much like visiting any modern vacation town, shopping prices were high.

(All photos on this post were taken with Canon PowerShot D10)

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