Thursday, August 18, 2011


Lately I have been frustrated.  I have been trying to see if the little ones older brother would like to have a visit with them.  His old social worker was going to talk to him about it and then she left her job very abruptly. 

Anthony and Larissa have two older brothers.  They were already in care before our kids came into care, different fathers.  When my kids came into care there were so many kids in the home that the kids were sent to whatever homes they could find.  We received Larissa.  It wasn't long before Anthony's foster home tired of his behaviors and he came to our home.

In the first year all the siblings would meet during the visitations that took place every other week.  At some point the older brother was moved out of town and didn't always come to the visits.  The kids did continue to see their other brother and continue to see him at foster care meetings.  He has been adopted.

Their oldest brother aged out of the system this summer.  That was why I was trying to arrange a meeting.  When he turned 18 he could stay in care or sign himself out.  I really didn't know which way he would go.

Today I called our licensing worker to see if she could find out if the older brother had stayed in care and if so who his social worker is.  Thankfully, he has stayed in care to continue in school.  She gave me the contact information and I promptly called his SW.

As soon as I identified myself there was a moment of silence and then the SW said that she was shocked that I called.  She had just talked to their brother 30 minuted earlier and he said that he wanted to meet with Anthony and Larissa.  She was going to try and find us when I called. 

What timing.  Sometimes those moments just happen in life.  Makes me wonder sometimes.  Thanks to the timing of calls today we are meeting with the older brother next week.  In the next week I will have to talk with Anthony and Larissa so that they understand who they are meeting.  They meet with their other brother on occasions so I hope that the visit goes well.  I sent pictures through the last SW and I am not sure if he received them so I will take more.  I haven't seen this child in years so I am a little nervous. 

Anyone else out there do sibling visits?  Some days I feel as though my normal isn't quite normal!

This whole incident actually made me stop and think.  I get frustrated because we are still waiting on our homestudy.  But, maybe, just maybe, it is all about the timing.  Maybe our child/children will come in the right time.  Good reason to be patient.  I wait.

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