Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anthony is 8

It is hard to believe that Anthony turned 8 today.  I don't know why but 8 seems so much older then 7.

In our house you get to pick where you get to eat dinner.  Anthony wanted McDonald's.  Larissa tried her best to convince him to eat at Moe's for the cheese dip but he couldn't be swayed.  We had McDonald's for dinner.

This McDonald's is close to our home and was recently remodeled.  I haven't been inside since.  It sure looks spiffy.  There were TV's everywhere and the decor was not what I am used to for a McDonald's.

We went home to a messy, homemade cake.  Can you tell that Anthony is excited to be turning 8?

He loved his remote control car (so did Larissa).  He also got some bracelets that he had been looking at on the cruise.

I have really cut back on the birthday presents over the years.  I try to get one nice gift that the child really wants.  In spite of cutting back our house is still filled with too many toys and clutter!  My kids don't have any extended family to send them gifts and I used to feel bad about that and overcompensated.  After I cut back I realized that they are happy even with less.  Isn't it funny how that works out?

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