Thursday, February 17, 2011


Paperwork....not adoption, foster, or school paperwork. Household paperwork!! Ack, what does everyone do with all these papers. Where does it all come from? Does it magically reproduce in the middle of the night? I do know that if I throw anything away I will need it the next day!

My paperwork has just exploded lately. Getting Sarah and Tylor into the virtual school added a whole new set of paperwork. My schooling has added to the chaos. Every new item we bought....more paperwork. New It doesn't matter what it is, it all comes with paperwork. Even the playmobil toys, I would not like to lose that or I may never get them back together one day.

Right now my paperwork is sitting in diaper boxes......
laundry baskets.........
and just about every flat surface there is.

Last weekend I figured it was time to get this under control. I have a lot of historical documents filed and in file boxes. However, everything for the last two years is ....well, everywhere.
So, with resolve I bought some hanging files and went in search of a filing cabinet. (Now that I look at it, the 25 size box will not be enough)

Plain Jane filing cabinet at Office Depot looked good to me. Problem was they didn't stock any, they deliver everything (for free). They said I would get it by Tuesday....not. I got it on Wednesday. Now to just get it out of the garage and into the house.

My dear husband cracked the box for me and there is a big dent on the top. Oh, now what do I do? Request they come and get it and bring a new one, that will set me back another week. Ugh..
Another great mystery...........
Why did I buy these great toilet paper holders that require minimum effort to refill when no one will put the new roll on them?
Nite all.......have a great Friday.


  1. I love that last pic! Katie insists that the toilet paper goes ON the holder. too funny. She is by herself,though. lol

    btw, i have a laundry basket just like that-white and filled w/paper. i have a rule, if I get any paperwork and I do not need it-it goes in the garbage RIGHT then. That way, I do not have to handle it twice. But we still have piles everywhere... pliles of paper,clothes,dishes,toys. I jsut want to leave this house and move into a big clean house. lol

  2. Trust me....if you move into a big, clean house it will soon be taken over with piles too.