Saturday, February 26, 2011

I while ago I was awarded The Versatile Blogger and I procrastinated on replying. Yea, I am good at doing that!

I received this from

I am supposed to award it to blogs that I read. However, I am just going to list some of my favorite blogs. These are not in any specific order and it is not a complete list. I had a hard drive crash and am still trying to find all my favorite spots. - A woman I really relate to. Previous military family, adoptive and previous foster family. I wish she lived closer! I do think I will pop into FL one day to meet her and her family. - I love watching her children grow. She writes such beautiful posts with so much faith that I wish I had. - An American married to a man from Libya, currently living in Libya. They have 6 children. Reading this blog has made me realize that momma's everywhere share a lot of the same struggles. She is currently in Libya so pop over and offer her some encouragement. - A Texas family who is living beyond the boonies. I love watching their lifestyle while knowing that it is not for me. I am so spoiled! We actually got to meet while we were living in Texas. - A foster mom. I enjoy reading her challenges and can relate to so much. - A craft site a really enjoy. - Another craft type of site I check out frequently. - I have followed them since they went and pick up their daughter Teresa. Visit and pray for her, the doctors have told them that they can't correct her heart defect. - Ha, a mom to many kids who struggles like I do to keep up with the clutter. Love her realness. - An adoptive family site I enjoy. - A great site for hairstyles for Larissa.

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  1. Thanks dear! You're such an inspiration. Keep raising those kids and doing the wonderful things you do.. and keep blogging too!