Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Court Date

Ever wonder what happened to Jason's driving without a license ticket? He had court today, possible fine of $240. He went alone to tell his story of DMV mishaps and armed with receipts.
Shortly afterwards I received a frantic call. He said to bring $35 to the court house or they were going to take him to jail. Apparently they dropped the ticket but he had to pay court fees.....or go to jail. Seriously, jail someone for a $35 court fee. Have I mentioned that the state of South Carolina is broke, they have to get their money from somewhere
I did save him today and take his $35. He needs to be real thankful for his momma.
Jason said that the courtroom had only people traffic ticket tickets. The judge told everyone that if they didn't have their money with them today that they would go to jail. period. Because so many people couldn't afford their ticket (unemployment is very high here) most of them asked for a jury by trial. This gave them a delay to try and get the money. So instead of making some type of payment plan for these folks, they force them to ask for whatever delay they can. Seems like a waste of judicial time. But, no one put me in charge.


  1. If Jason would have taken care of the first ticket, he would have never been in this mess to begin with. As they say, an ounce of prevention......