Saturday, February 26, 2011

Making a Terrarium

Long ago, in my youth, I was into cool things like macrame and making terrariums. I actually learned how to do macrame in the public schools in California. Fifth grade to be exact, hmmm, so we lived in Walnut Creek that year. We lived in several different cities while in California: Moss Beach, Union City, Visalia and Walnut Creek.
So, when I saw this huge glass thingy at Hobby Lobby for 80% off my mind instantly thought of a terrarium.

Since I did buy the glass thingy, I bought the rest of the necessary items today. Pebbles, charcoal, moss, dirt and plants. Finding small plants was a challenge. I found some at Lowe's that I thought would work if I separated them. (Larissa is hiding in this picture because she didn't want to be in it and no, I never let her sit on the table.)

I learned long ago to not fill the terrarium with plants...they will grow. If I had more glass jars I could have made more.

I put the spare plants in other pots that I had. I normally don't have extra pots sitting around. However, I have been rooting some ivy so I bought them a few weeks ago.

I wonder if I could still do macrame.

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