Sunday, February 20, 2011


It was a beautiful weekend here. The kids got to get outside and out of my hair, er, I mean they got to get some sun and exercise.
There are signs of spring in my yard. Those little sprigs of green always shock me because they come without any help from me. This is a good thing because if my plants depended on me then there wouldn't be many of them. It is survival of the fittest when it comes to my yard plantings.
The kids had lots of fun getting into things they shouldn't have outside. Guess who got into some paint......yellow paint to be exact.
Actually, I am surprised that there was any paint to be found in that tray. It has been sitting out all winter, through the snow and rain. However, Larissa was able to find just enough to add some paint to the playhouse. It is all my fault, I left it sitting out, besides that post will be painted yellow this spring anyways.

Anthony is growing so fast. Seems like he loses new teeth quite frequently. Just enough to make the tooth fairy look neglectful. Every time I look at his big, beautiful teeth I think braces. I just don't see how they are all going to fit with his narrow jaw.

The weekend has gone way too fast. I got nothing accomplished. Yep........nothing. Seems like I did the same thing last weekend. I must be in some type of rut of something. I did get to Lowes for some wood for my folding table....or I should say the table where I put folded laundry. Yes, I am still working on that project very slowly. I don't seem to get much accomplished these days. I do get lots of things started though.
I didn't read a single chapter for school but I did think about it. I also thought about all the projects that I need to do but am way behind on. Thankfully in one class we were told that at this point we should just be thinking about our project, so I guess I am doing well in that class.
Tonight Sarah and I are going to a chick flick. A little one on one time is always good for the teenagers so I grab it when I can. I am sure that she will hit me up for a drink and candy. I am looking forward to it.
So, how was your weekend?

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