Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What a Mess!

Welcome to my chaos. This is my craft/laundry/sometimes guest room. Yes that is an inflatable bed in the corner and according to my nephew it is pretty comfortable.
The tiny closet in the room is definitely not sufficient. The angled down roof doesn't help at all.

Oh, the sorting and organizing that I need to do. What an embarrassment.

I worked in this room off and on all day today and I don't have any after pictures. It is still a work in progress. Not only do I need to go through all those boxes but I need to determine how I am going to arrange the room.
Uh, I also found some Christmas gifts for three kids. Geez, I manage to do that every year.
Naturally once I decided to tackle a project the babies get sick. The baby was whiny all day and both babies were sick. Lets just say that they have had baths and if we continue at this pace I may need to buy new sleepers. Some got tossed in the trash today once I determined that they were too gross and smelly for me to deal with (weak stomach). My poor husband has the week off and he is already ready to head back to work. Ahhh, he gets relief.
Well, hopefully both babies are feeling better tomorrow and I can get something accomplished. I have to be at a WIC class at 9 am so I am not too sure how my day will go. At least I don't have to bring either kid to this appointment. I do have a WIC appointment on the 31st where I have to bring Kiwi. I really don't enjoy going to the WIC office.
Well, I hope everyone has a great night, I think I will go work on my mess some more now that the babies are in bed.


  1. I am jealous, I want a room like that! and yes mine would be very chaotic as well.

    My daughter came to us as a foster child and I am very familiar with the misery of a WIC appt.

    I once made quite a stink through a letter and phone calls regarding how they treat the recipients. I think it's ridiculous that you have to wait for hours for your vouchers!

  2. What I don't understand about WIC is the waste of time. If I was working an hourly job and had to take time off to get these vouchers I would wonder about the value. Once a baby is off of formula the value of it doesn't seem that high to me.