Wednesday, December 1, 2010


That is how I feel right now. How can a simple cold drag you down so far?

I am not sure which is worse. I think that it is the cough. Now my back and stomach hurt and I believe it is from the coughing.
The inability to smell is a two way street. I was not happy when I was changing the babies diaper for bed and realized that she had a dirty one. Uh, I couldn't smell it (typically a good thing!) but I have no idea of how long it was dirty. It couldn't have been too long because she does not like dirty diapers. Now Kiwi, she doesn't care if she has a dirty one or not, it may take a long time for her to potty train.
The congestion, well it is annoying. Dripping nose too.
However, now my hearing is going and my right ear hurts. Hmmmm.....I don't have time to be sick.
Tomorrow is one of my finals. I am afraid that I haven't gotten too much studying in. Last night I took some cold medicine and it knocked me out. Sleep doesn't add up to very much studying. Then the sleep wasn't very peaceful. Larissa was in my bed. At one point in the night I thought I was lying on her hand so I grabbed a hold of it to move it, only it wasn't a hand, it was her foot. She was sleeping horizontally across the bed! I pity her husband. She sleeps all over the bed. No wonder she falls out of her bed all the time. On top of that, she talks in her sleep. I put her to bed in her bed but she snuck down into mine and is asleep in it right now.....along with her collection of books and dolls. Hmmmm, wonder if I should go sleep in her bed.
I have drill this weekend in Greenville and then two finals on Monday so don't expect to hear much from me in the next few days. I'm off to study and take some cold medicines.


  1. Hope you fell better! And best of luck on your final:)