Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ramblings of the Day

My main computer has died. I knew it was going so I was trying to get all my pictures off of it. I was not successful. I hope that my husband can perform miracles this weekend. The section of pictures I couldn't get to contained pictures of the foster children at the beach. I wanted to send pictures home if they go tomorrow
Tomorrow should be interesting. I was asked today to be in court to testify. Uh, OK. I really don't like to testify in court. I guess getting one days notice is a good thing, not much time to fret over it. I think that it is time for the kids to go to their mom. However, with the judge they have I will be surprised if they do.
The foster babies had visitation today. It was good timing. Larissa had her Christmas party at the same time. I typically don't forget to dress her for school, she had pj day at school.

Larissa decorated her gingerbread house all by herself and she did a great job. I was glad that I was able to go, not many parents came. I have noticed that fewer parents go to these events now versus when my older kids were little.

In a little while Larissa and I will go to dance. Shortly after that I will head to the bus station to see if my kid stayed on the bus. It should be an interesting evening.


  1. Hi, I started following your blog over the weekend and just wanted to say "hello!"

    Merry Christmas, Liz

  2. Welcome! Are you stationed in Hawaii right now? We were stationed there for two years.

  3. The Gingerbread house is adorable.