Monday, December 20, 2010

I am Getting There

I got a wreath on my front door!

We replaced the pumpkin with our snowman. I bought him yesterday at Lowe's for 40% off. Sometimes procrastination is a good thing.

I purchased our nativity in Guatemala.

The only thing I know about it is who carved it.

I think that it is really beautiful.

I really don't know where Santa will put his gifts.

We don't do a fancy mantle. I need more stocking hangers.

The kids are getting along for the moment.

Lucy has claimed the corner of the couch and a babydoll as a pillow (even though it makes noises every time she moves).

I am making buckeyes and working on some snowmen for John to take to work tomorrow.
Have a great afternoon.


  1. I really love the realness of your blog and I am in total awe of the projects you are able to accomplish while going to school, while in the Guard, while parenting a houseful of children, while your husband works so far away - I am sure I am missing a few whiles in there! :-)

  2. Almost done? Looks good. I'd call it quits before you get too stressed. Christmas cookies? You are so creative, I can imagine you make some amazing ones.

  3. Thanks for the kind thoughts! Christmas cookies.....funny I do Walmart! Except for Santa's chocolate chip ones of course.