Thursday, December 9, 2010

Are you ready? Christmas is 16 days away. Scarier to me is it is only one pay day away! Yikes.
We did get the tree put up. There is definitely not any order to our tree. We keep school made ornaments until they fall apart, Girl Scouting added a few, travelling more and general crafts are added to the mix. I also try to buy ornaments that show what the kids were into each year. You will find that the Rugrats, Dumbo, Disney and Dora are all represented.

We can't seem to keep the ornaments on the bottom. I can't blame the kids.....the kitten Gabby is to blame. She loves playing with the ornaments and Larissa tries to put them all back on. I think the kitten is winning the battle.

Do you have a yellow submarine on your tree?

A Hawaiian souvenir.

Tasha....she took most of her ornaments but I wouldn't let her have this one.

Hard to believe that Jason was so little.

A Girl Scout project from my days as a leader.

Naturally, the reason for the Season.

I think that tree duty wore her out!

Now if it would just warm up a little I might just get to the front porch.
Uh, yep this is my front porch today.....Halloween is still there. I really don't know what happened to November!
Last chance to get your name in for the ornament drawing. We will draw a name tomorrow at 5 pm.


  1. love the tree - my dog keeps pulling ornaments off mine. My favorite Christmas tree story is from when I was 14 - my then 2 yr old sister and the dog were eating the strings of popcorn off the tree together and they pulled it right over onto themselves!

  2. One day I want to have one of those perfect trees with matching ornaments but ours looks more like yours. We don't put on the huge school ones though.