Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Slow Days

I am still working on my craft room. I believe that it has become a bigger project then I expected. I can't show the entire room because it is still a wreak but I can show my small closet. I found that the cheapest option for maximizing the space was wire shelving. I already had some parts from my downstairs closet remodel so it kept my costs down.
I didn't realize how much scrapbooking stuff I had. I have a LOT of pictures that I wish I could get put on my computer. I scan some every now and then but there are so many that I don't think it will ever happen. I also question if they will ever get put into the photo albums!
While going through pictures today I realized that I have a lot of duplicates. I pulled out a lot of the duplicates from the time that Joselin joined our family and put them in a pile. I then brought Joselin up and gave her all the pictures as well as a scrapbook. I showed her the supplies and how to use them. I told her to make herself a scrapbook. I am hoping that she will come to realize that he has more of a history in our family then she realizes. She seemed very excited to get the scrapbook so we will see if she does do it.
I am struggling with how to use the space. Right now there is laundry, ironing board, sewing, crafting of all types and a inflatable bed up there. That is a lot in that small space. I figured that the bed could go but then Larissa smashed a finger and came to me for comfort. We cuddled on that mattress and watched the washing machine go round and round. It was very soothing. It almost seemed like a good reading spot. Would that be odd? To have a reading spot in front of the washing machine? Like I said, I am still trying to decide what to do with that space with limited funds. I also have limited time as well.
I have gone to Lowe's several times in the past few days and picked up closet supplies. I purchased these $3 clearance plants leftover from Christmas. I have plans for them if I can keep them alive this winter.

I may try to hit up Target tomorrow because I hear that they have great Christmas clearance items. I plan on going to town tomorrow so maybe that will happen.

Well, all that sorting has tuckered me out so I am off to bed. Have a great evening.

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