Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Two days of drama and Joselin is on a bus home tonight. Her bus leaves TN in two hours. She has left a lot of pain in her wake. She has caused a lot of damage. I feel bad that a good family friend had to be the recipient of Joselin's manipulations and lies.
Today I cried. I cried for the child who should have been mine. For the child who has never healed from her early life. Who has never accepted her life with us. She never attached, but I did.
She is on her way home but she has no intention of staying. She says that we are not her family and she will not stay. I couldn't allow her to stay in TN any longer because of the damage she was causing.
In SC kids can leave at 17 and there is nothing a parent can do. However, we are still responsible for them. Strange how you can be responsible for a child you can't control.
Tomorrow Joselin will be home.

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  1. Jeff comes home next week. Feel free to e-mail and vent because I probably will : )