Thursday, December 2, 2010

One Down

Well, I have one final down and two to go.

Timeline to take one test........
45 minutes to drive there
10 to park and get to class
15 minutes to take the test
10 to get back to car and out of garage
over 1 hour to get home because it is now 5pm and traffic time as everyone escapes Columbia

I am just happy it is done and my cold medicine is kicking in. I am a wimp when it comes to cold medicine, it all puts me to sleep, even the day time stuff so I pretty much limit myself to taking it at night.
Now I get to pack for my weekend in Greenville. My biggest problem is I can't find my ugly beret. I really do not like that thing. It has never looked right. I see folks with beret with nice shapes and mine looks like a lump of wet black felt plopped on my head. I wonder if I misplaced it on purpose. I will have to wear my other headgear and get corrected if I don't find it.
My unit wants to send me to school. Not happening anytime soon. Oh, maybe the summer of 2012 after I have finished school and hopefully John is home. I am going to take this time to talk with someone in the know to see what they want to do with me. Without a husband at home it makes a lot of stuff difficult with the National Guard. Who knows, they may need to kick me out for not having a family care plan.
I relaxed this evening by doing some painting. I think I am going to have a drawing for anyone who wants one of my snowmen. Hmmmm, different post to follow.

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