Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not enough hours in the day!

On the light side...

I have my door painted but can't get to the mural.  I have started the sky but haven't been able to get out there to work on it.  Looking at the ceiling at my entry way gives me ideas.....

Our poor puppy...........need I say more?

Emma lost her first tooth!  Thanks to facebook friends the tooth fairy remembered her duties.

I had forgotten that my mom used to have a little dog that she totally spoiled.

Four elementary kids means 4 sets of paperwork every day and four kids wanting help with homework. 

Halloween shirts are out.  I decided it was safest to buy three of the same shirt.....yep.

Rocko gets plum tuckered out by all the attention he is getting.  Slowly he is getting along better with Roxie although Roxie tends to be a little rough.

Not so light side.....

After the first teacher call on the third day of school, Michelle still struggles to do what she needs in school.  I have talked to the school counselor and her teacher.  We are doing all that we can to encourage good behavior at school.  In our home if you have behavior problems at school then that means that you are too tired.  The afternoon is spent doing quiet activities....reading and then an early bedtime for extra sleep. 

I had signed Michelle up for dance and had bought her shoes.  However, after the first week we determined that she just isn't ready to do that activity.  We do have all 4 of the little ones in soccer and she will play that.  She is actually good at soccer because she is aggressive on the field in getting the ball.

She has so much anger and jealousy in her and she is struggling to overcome them.  She can tell you about the day they came into care and every foster home, children's home and adoptive home they have been in.  She remembers everything. 

Emma is doing great in school!  She is on target academically and gets along great with her peers.  I can't even remember the last time she had one of her explosive tantrums.  She is still working on attachment but is so much more here and now.  She doesn't remember too much of her past, mostly that it was chaotic and lots of moves.  When her social worker came to the house last month she ran and hid from her.

Anthony is doing well at school so far.  He is sitting next to his teacher and that seems to be helping.  Our children's church is working on respect in September so we have decided to allow him to attend.  Sarah is also back in his group now and doesn't allow him to get away with his behaviors.  I hope that this will be a good year for him.

Larissa, well, I am concerned about her.  She has had two episodes of peeing herself at school. She didn't do this at all last year.  The last time she did this was in preschool before she was put on her anxiety medication.

Tomorrow she will be going to the doctors to rule out anything medical.  If it is not a medical issue then I worry it is an issue with her selective mutism.  I asked her why she didn't tell her teacher and she said because her teacher was busy.  I think she is afraid to speak up.  Is it bad to think that it would be nice if it was a UTI?

We are also trying to get her to her neurologist because her nocturnal seizures have increased dramatically.  I wonder if she is starting to seize during the day.  I really need to watch for that.  I have been playing phone tag with her teacher but I will ask her to watch as well.  I know that last year she would sleep during lunch and recess.  Sometimes I wonder if she should be homeschooled but she loves the social part of school.

Sarah has started college at the local school. She doesn't have her drivers license so that means that either me or my husband are taking her there.  She does have her learners permit so hopefully sometimes soon she will determine that it is time to drive.

I have started class as well.  I am having a hard time with it right now.  Both of my classes are online and I am just not motivated to do them!  I know that sounds terrible.  I feel like I have so much to do and not the motivation to do any of it.  My husband asked if I was depressed.  I don't think it is depression, just stress.  I will eventually get myself motivated and pass those classes because failure is not an option for me.  I also have other things to do before I can student teach, Praxis exams and comps.

I am still trying to get my mom on medicaid.  The medicaid office called me and told me that I have to have something in writing from the medicaid office in Texas stating that she is no longer on their medicaid.  Why can't the offices just talk to each other?  In the meantime I have hired someone to come to the house a few days of the week to help with her care.  I just can't do it all!

On a positive final note.......

Joselin came for a visit on Monday and spent the night.  She and Sarah took a long walk together to the gas station for junk food.  They are getting along so much better now that Joselin has found peace.  She is such a happier person now that she has learned acceptance.  I wish that we had been able to reach this point when she was younger but like I told her, better now then never.  She talks to me now about things she never would have before.  I feel like I have finally gained a daughter.  It sure was a long battle to get to this point and lots of forgiveness and grace on every ones part. 

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  1. I hear you about Joselin. Adam has finally made the changes he needs to in order to have more freedom, be in activities, hang out with friends (if they have a plan, not just walking around) and so on. I wish we'd gotten to this point before because he missed out on so much and I really didn't enjoy much about his childhood (part of that was the Jeff-Adam team problems).