Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It has Begun

Third day of school and I received the first phone call from school.  Michelle's teacher.  Behaviors and lying.  We had a long conversation. The other three kids have had all green days so far.  Next week I plan on contacting all the other teachers and seeing how the kids are doing.

 Anthony's issue is work avoidance, lying and defiance. 

Larissa is medical, she is seizing more lately so she will likely fall asleep at school.  Last year she would sleep during lunch and recess.  I did talk to her teacher about it briefly.  I wonder if I need to get some type of accommodation for her.  She sees the neurologist in October (the earliest I could get her in).  I laid down with her at 7pm tonight to ensure she fell asleep and see how her seizures were doing.  She had numerous seizures.  If you just touched her she would seize.  It really sadens me when a loving touch sends my child into a seizure.  John came in at one point and rubbed her belly then walked away.  He didn't see that that touch made her seize.

Michelle is bullying, lying and work avoidance.  Although this week she has had issues with talking and getting out of her seat as well.  She may need her ADHD medication adjusted.

Emma....well she is my wild card.  I have no idea how she will do.  Her tantrums have about gone away.  She has really grown in so many ways.  She may just do great in school.

Tomorrow soccer practice begins.  Not sure what I was thinking when I signed them up.  Let the insanity begin!


  1. We have soccer clinic Sept 8 and practices start a week later. It's still so hot here although constantly rainy and it looks like we're going to get rain dumped on us from the hurricane.

  2. Soccer may be a great physical outlet that will help everyone release some tension. I hope it ends up being a huge help to you.