Sunday, August 5, 2012

Finished (for now)

In about 48 hours I will be picking Sarah up in Florida.  Thankfully, I got her room project finished.

This project got started because Tasha's cat and kitten decided that peeing under the bed was a good thing.  Uh, not.  You can't get rid of that odor so I decided to strip the carpet.  Of course I did that without a plan for replacing it.  Just suddenly got tired of the odor and Jason (my muscle man) was visiting.  He stripped the carpet for me and removed many of the tack boards.

Next I headed to Lowe's looking to buy whatever was cheapest to put down that wasn't carpet.  My goal is to get rid of all carpet in my house, I have come to the point where I strongly dislike the stuff.  Since I have no remodeling budget I had to go with the cheapest thing I could get.

Lowe's had this vinyl flooring 50% off of the clearance price.  It came to $11 for a box that covered 24 sq ft.  For under $200 I got enough for the bedroom, sink area and walk in closet.  I still have several boxes left and am trying to decide where to put it.

The cats required the stripping of the floor and the wallpaper as well.  For some reason they liked to scratch the wall when doing their business.

A bottle full of water and vinegar made that easy work.

I love this flooring, it was so easy to put down.  It looks great, I will be curious to see how long it our house.

Larissa collected the packaging material and made me a picture frame.
 (Yes, painters tape)

She did a pretty good job, makes her mom proud!

Her bedroom was the teal color so I added a little splash of orange in the sink area. I put up beadboard textured wallpaper with 1X6 trim on top.  I put hooks into the trim.

Reused the towel holders.

I didn't realize that the light bulbs for that (existing) light fixture cost about $7 a piece.

I love this wallpaper, it looks like bead board.  It covers the existing wallpaper that was just covered with wallpaper before because the builders had wallpapered directly to the drywall.  Ever try to remove paper plastered to the drywall?  Not happening.

I didn't do the bath area because that is a whole other project.  My teen decided to paint it and painted the ceiling as well.  That will be hard to fix.  I may strip the popcorn off and go smooth.  She also painted the trim which I am not a huge fan of so the trim needs repainting as well.  Like I said, a project for another day.

I do love this flooring....even if it was clearance of a clearance.

In the bottom picture....
Bed - $40 Craigslist (It needed a lot of work)
Dresser - $60 Craigslist
TV cabinet - $40 Craigslist
For how I painted the zebra furniture...
Poster holder - recalled crib bottom

For this project I purchased....
Flooring  $200 plus 8 boxes left
Paint (orange) -$20 
(I already had the white, not sure what to do with all the left over orange!  I should have gotten a small container of it.)
Wallpaper- $16
Trim wood - $15
Hooks - $12
1 light bulb - $7

(If you are curious, that door leads to the FROG/laundry room and a second flight of stairs)

Posters need to go up and such...but it is done!

What do you think?


  1. This house has two master bedrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs. Sarah and the teen used to share but we are shuffling around. Tasha will share this room with Sarah when she gets back from least for a little while. I need to get another bed in there at some point. There were two full size beds in there when the teen shared with her.

  2. wow! your such a designer! i have no vision. i need to see a photo or someone else to come up with the plan! great job

  3. I think you need to come do my room next, lol. It looks wonderful! I'm sure Sarah will love it.

  4. The keys to this success are creative vision and sweat equity.

  5. I think it looks great! I like the paint colors :-)

  6. I think you did a fantastic job! I love the flooring, too. ;0)