Saturday, August 18, 2012

Water Park

I gathered all the kids up and took them to the water park on Fort Jackson.  I really should do it more often, 7 of us got in for $31.

Emma scrapped the skin off of three knuckles.  She didn't complain about it or cry.  It looked like it really hurt, I wish she could actually come to me for comfort.  That is such a hard thing for her to do.

We played with the underwater camera.

What makes Sarah laugh?

Pictures of me underwater!

Water ahead.....

 Larissa found out that shaved ice cost $2.  She put up a huge argument as to why she should get some.  She shouldn't have worried, I am a huge fan of shaved ice.

Happy faces when I say yes.

 This was the first shaved ice experience for three of my kids.

We had a great time at the water park.  No fighting at all.  Everyone got along great!

I did find out that the girls who said that they could swim, actually can't.  Michelle can a little but only if she can stand.  Emma, not at all.  My teen can't swim either! The teens were a great help since Anthony and Larissa can swim well enough to do the bigger water slides.  With four little ones with different swimming abilities it is impossible for one person to keep them all entertained.

The water park was our last summer activity.  School starts on Monday, I am ready.


  1. shaved ice fans!?! you must come visit me!
    our dumb water park in like 30 bucks per person! who could afford that!?!?
    what under water camera do you have? i have a canon d10. your photos came out great!

    1. Oh, I'd love to come visit! Just not in the budget. I think I have been to your water park, Hawaiian Waters or some such. It was bigger then our water park but I'll take mine for the price. My water camera is the same! Canon D10.

  2. Jealous! All our final fun days got rained out!!